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What's Framote exactly?

i What?

Framote is a tool to share multiple websites without the need for the user to reload or even touch a thing. Your Framote URL will have an initial embed website wich you'll be able to change anytime at your Control URL.

The devices which have the Framote URL opened will be updated almost instantly.

X How?

This tool is pretty simple, at least over the basics. It uses an iframe to load the embed website, and makes AJAX requests every 1.2 seconds to check the actual URL. If it has been modified, the script simply changes the src attribute.

There's some problems with loading URLs on an iframe, I know that so I'm trying to improve this tool at any chance I have.

Ü Who?

This tool has been developed entirely from scratch by me, Jaime Caballero. I'm a web developer specially focused on the front-end side, and I freaking love responsive design (you can test it, this website is fully responsive).

? Why?

I've developed Framote because I needed it! Why? Because you can load an unique URL on my various devices and test their responsiveness, and it's a pretty cool effect that all of them change the content at the same time.

If you like this tool, please consider making a donation. That would help me move Framote to a better server and dedicate more time to new options I have in mind. Thanks!