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q Live URL sharing

Thanks to Framote technology, you can give someone an unique URL (Framote URL) and change the content on the fly, so there's no need the user (or users) to reload the page or revisit the link, because the content will be updated automatically.

This could be useful for support, specially for clients that aren't related to the URLs, but want the content/info in a easy and comfortable way.

Another case could be web-developers' client presentation for the site they've done.

D Responsive testing

With Framote, you'll be able to load an unique URL (Framote URL) on your testing devices' browsers and change the website embed on it from the Control URL.

So there's no need to go there and manually change the URL one by one (what a waste of time it would be) because Framote URL will be updated automatically right when you change it at the Control URL.

Also, by saving it as a favorite on your devices, you can go there other day and go on. You could say that's your personal responsive testing site.